Saturday, August 18, 2007

Here are 2 picture of my Japanese idol.Toda Erika (: she is so hot and cute.After O level i will go Japan,but dont tink can see her real person.sobsob..lolx..hmm.there is nothing much..goin to mugging for prelim (: bye


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Stressful days

People,My ear hole got infection today..wa lao,it is dam disgusting la.when i saw white thing from my ear hole.i very sianz diao lor.haix..if after 1 or 2 days haven recovered,i will removed and let my ear hole closed father said why make yourself got into stupid trouble like worry about my ear hole whole day,well he is right..mayb is my first time in my life having pierced ear ba..that why i very dumb in handle such thing..lucky got eldee gave mi advise (: thanx man

i will not blogging as often as last time le..cause fucking prelim and O level..hahax..but i like and i love the know why??i love to take challenge from exam..the kind of stress and presure from exam is quite stressful yet i love it..dont asked mi why...lolx...i love to take challenge from exam.cause it fullfill my desire for good result and make mi know more ((;

GUy i am not joking...All the N level and O level people..All the BEST..
TAKe tis exam as a path to our future sucess (: remember wat CJ said (:


Friday, August 10, 2007

busy days

these fews day i very busy.aslike friend birthday,go out with family,studying for my prelim.those thing.later i still need go Jurong east for fixing my Mp4.hmm.maybe quite late then back.cause sure go play pool or hanging around very long.hahax
hmm..i going to bath le.prepare for later activities (:


all these are happy emotion (:

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Pierce my ear :D

Yeah...i just pierced my ear...lolx...see leon pierce ear.i also jealous liao..hahax...ruhai also pierce wid mi...but my parents not very happy -.- haix.i told them if they dont like it.i will take away...but they give mi disappointed look..i tink i will soon take it away liao ba...cause i know my parents care mi alot..i should not disappointed them...father and mother.i am sorry..

Sorry father and mother.
Work hard for my PRelim and O level (:
Woah...a new malay girl and chinese girl i crushed :D
both from sec3

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Pool day

YOYOYOX...I Just BAck from Ang Mo Kia centre...Wen there played Pool...We started from 8.45 to About 11pm..Woohoo so high..hahax.Leon nooB in playing pool la :D
As his teammate..i very unlucky lor to had such lousy team mates.hahax..well...then we saw our old friends who are all ex whitliyan join in us when playing pool..but then they came too late liao la..we all about to go home le...cause my mum nagged mi liao.lolx.
Well that all for today (:
i goin to do my chinese composition liao (:
Zhiyi,takecare..don't be too sad (:
remember my style of living

Friday, August 3, 2007

HEy i got alot of scolding from teachers..all said i am very bad student..LOLX..but i dONt give a dam..cause at least i never attitude to teachers...some1 only know act only..and hum ji like classrrom not longer very safe liao la...a fucking bastards from 4e4 stole my friends handphone during english banding...FUCKER...i HATE THIEF IN THIS WORLD...and i almost become of a thief...due to my father short memories..lolx...but then very lucky he remeber where he put the money -.-
K...very tired..
WOrk hard for my Prelim and O level
Hey,Girl...can i know your name and handphone number? :D

Thursday, August 2, 2007